Why the move to digital has increased the popularity of classic casino games

casino games

Casino games – Sources reveal gambling has been an enjoyable and popular pastime for thousands of years. The earliest signs of gambling were recorded by the Chinese around 2300 BC.

But it wasn’t until 1638 that gambling was provided with a legitimate place for numerous games and betting to occur legally.

In Venice, the Casino DI Venezia was built to host elite and wealthy patrons. And sparked what would later become a boom in extravagant casino buildings across Europe.

casino games

Over time, governments worldwide tussled, and still do, with the pros and cons of gambling. Thus, deciphering whether to provide a legitimate and safer solution, such as a casino, for individuals to place bets.

Moreover, Las Vegas, the epicentre for gambling, developed in the fifties after the war to cater to middle-class families with disposable income yearning for entertainment.

Throughout history, technology has played a pivotal role in the gambling industry’s development and popularity.

For instance, the once mechanically operated slot machine moved to the digital screen in casinos and now features more than three reels.

In the past three decades, the casino industry has changed and grown dramatically.

The introduction and development of the internet. Affordable smartphones equipped for gaming. Moreover, the ongoing efforts of iGaming providers to maximize the casino experience online has led the industry’s popularity to soar.

Here are a few reasons going digital has propelled the casino’s industries prosperity to new heights.


The land-based casinos are inherently luxurious in appearance for casino players to enjoy their casino games.

But legal restrictions in different states and countries, shortage of public transport, and proximity to a casino establishment play a big part in whether a person can venture to a physical casino.

Whereas online gambling has provided avid players with the means to travel and play wherever they wish.

As of July 2021, 4.80 billion people across the globe use the internet, which accounts for 61 percent of the world’s population. And there are 5.27 billion mobile phone users, which translates to 66.9% of the global population.

In turn, while not everyone has a casino nearby, they can visit. Most people have access to devices and the internet to for example download a poker app and play casino games online should they wish.


Having a variety of games on offer for customers to enjoy increases staying power in gamers.

Some casinos, such as the MGM Grand Resort hotel in Las Vegas, have the luxury of 170,000 square feet to place a plethora of gambling games. The MGM currently has 3000 slots and 200 table games.

But unless there’s a casino with that kind of variety close by, the same old slot games and roulette table at the local casino are likely to become tedious for the avid gamer.

This is one of many cases where online casinos surpass the capabilities of their land-based counterparts.

Digital space is endless. As such, casinos have the luxury of providing thousands of games and adding new games on top of this as time goes by.

As a result, online gamblers are spoiled with endless casino entertainment.


The lure of the casino bonus is partially what entices novice and experienced gamblers alike to indulge in casino games online.

There are a range of matched deposit bonuses, free spins, and free cash-to-play offers from multiple providers.

Some land-based casinos do provide bonuses for new players. But online casinos tend to offer incentives with greater value.

Money Management

casino games

At the casino, guests are given chips in exchange for their cash to bet with.

The chip’s colour determines its value, which can sometimes confuse players, especially when players are in the midst of a fast-moving game such as roulette.

As such, any notion of bankroll management is often abandoned at the physical casino.

However, online, managing a gambling budget is easier because there is a figure on the screen indicating money in the account and money wagered.

Thus, giving gamers more control of when to place bets or cash out and spend their winnings.


Casino buildings tend to be luxurious in appearance and decked with comfortable seating areas and a bar, appealing for those who want the in-person gambling experience.

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But with that, general etiquette at the land-based casino is required, such as wearing appropriate clothing, refraining from eating egg salad near the tables, and being courteous of others while gambling.

However, for those who want to wear, eat, and play how they want to without the prying eyes of onlookers, gambling online is a winning alternative.

Social Aspect

Land-based casinos are often awash with unique characters who congregate to mix and mingle with and, of course, celebrate their wins together.

Online gambling providers realize how important the social aspect of the land-based casino is. Therefore they have implemented chat options and forums for casino members to speak to new people and friends, accompanied by a selection of emoticons.

In the case of the live casino option, the player can talk to the dealer too!

Classic casino games live on

The online iGaming industry fills the gaps land-based institutions can not. And thus, together, the physical and digital casino realm complement each other perfectly.

Due to online scams continuing to plague the digital landscape, safeguards have been advocated to protect consumers. Thus, the popularity of classic casino games has increased significantly since moving online because of the following;

  • Access to reputable, safe platforms gives gamers confidence to try an array of casino games.
  • Newsworthy casino game-winners, such as ChrisMoneymaker who won $2.5 million by entering the WSOP online. Reveal the potential for ordinary people to win life-changing amounts of cash by playing games such as poker.
  • Online casinos are user-friendly, portable, quick and easy to access. They’re great for those who want to game in private.
  • The generous bonuses and ability to socialize add to the appeal of playing casino classics.

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