Winter Dry Skin Treatment

Winter dry skin treatment

Dry skin is a common occurrence for most individuals. The availability of products that take care of dry and sensitive skin is varied depending on a person’s skin type.

Various people have tried numerous treatments for moisture all of which may or may not work effectively due to the saturation of a myriad of products into the market.

Maintaining soft and supple skin comes with many responsibilities. With the many impurities in the air and the advancement of age, the skin is bound to lose its elasticity and dry out thus affecting overall skin health.

The presence of various oils, cleansers, and creams that dry out the skin also contributes to this. The cold and harsh weather especially during the holiday season will also dry out the skin making it rough and devoid of moisture. Modern dry skin technologies have revolutionized the skincare industry by providing unique and medical-grade skincare solutions that aim to prevent dryness and discomfort.

How Do You Know You Have Dry Skin?

There are several physically noticeable symptoms of dry skin:

  • Flaking or peeling

These conditions indicate a lack of moisture in the skin, as it flakes and peels often. This is often noticed during the winter season.

  • Dull appearance

Skin which appears dull or gray is due to the skin not getting enough moisture. The appearance changes to a dull-looking exterior, as water rejuvenates and makes the skin glow.

  • Presence of cracks or fine lines

As people grow older, they tend to have fine lines due to the loss of skin elasticity. These fine lines may also be present due to lack of moisture.

  • Redness and itching

Severe redness and itching of the skin can be caused by excessive dryness which aggravates the skin.

Therefore, several products aim to rejuvenate and replenish the skin. However, Canadians are now pleased to be part of a modern and state of art technology that not only moisturizers but retains moisture, elasticity and rejuvenates the skin. For long-lasting and wholesome results, a combination of Vivier skincare and Acquapure facial.

Below are the two main technologies that focus on dry skin treatment, while combining cosmetic treatments with medical-based technologies.

Vivier skincare

Vivier skincare offers patients the opportunity to handle the skin’s dryness and anti-aging problems. This technology manages common skin problems, by restoring facial beauty. Both technologies mostly require a constant and deliberate urge to present to avoid missing any two. Skin that is rampant with hyperpigmentation hugely benefits from this procedure. The use of high-quality products which comprise Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and hyaluronic acid are essential for the development of smooth and supple skin.

The Vivier skin care treatment uses a medically based technology that has IntraDerm system technology that provides efficiency and concentration at its best. This technology ensures the right serums and products penetrate the skin deeply and evenly.

There are a variety of products used in Vivier skincare that include peptides, retinol, moisturizing creams, exfoliating and cleansing products.

Aquapure facial

This technique aims to treat dry skin and restore hydration to the skin. This technique has four major components that work together to provide the best possible results in dry skin treatments:

  • Aquapeel technology

This is the first step in the Acquapure facial that aims to cleanse and exfoliate the skin by removing dead and damaged skin. The Aquapeel aims to cleanse the skin by removing impurities and dirt on the outer layer, thus exposing the skin to moisture retention and rejuvenation.

  • Electroporation technology

This next step consists of delivering sufficient nutrients through using firm and stable electric currents that stimulate this process. The currents ensure that all aspects of the skin have been exposed, thus prompting rejuvenation and healing. This process allows microdermabrasion which mostly scraps off the damaged eternal skin, giving life to a new and rejuvenated skin texture and feel.

  • Microcurrent technology

The use of microcurrent technology aims to light and tighten the skin by enhancing elasticity. The microcurrent technology facilitates the circulation of the skin thus prompting moisture and promoting the production of collagen.

  • Heating or cooling

This is the final stage of the Aqua pure facial treatment, and it entails applying a cream on the skin, firming it, and preventing the formation of wrinkles. The heating effect being the last process sees heat being passed over the skin to rejuvenate, moisturize and firm the skin. The microcurrent heating and cooling device can be used here or when doing electroporation.

The Aquapure facial technology uses unique and distinct Aqua solutions which contains various vitamins and supplements that will change the outward skin appearance.

Turnaround time

It is advisable not to be in a hurry when getting these products. This enables a slow and painless system that makes their skin feel rejuvenated and supple. The treatment process is around thirty to forty minutes, and patients can resume their day-to-day activities after it.

After the treatment process, the healing begins. One can notice changes on the skin immediately after the skin is seen, For instance, after a week, a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance is visibly seen.

The procedure is painless however the patient will expect some discomfort which will last for only a few hours. The technology sued in these treatments offers ultimate uniform spray control that targets every area. The treatment processes are non –invasive, and all these technologies are used with a handheld device for deep penetration into the skin. These facial technologies are equipped with smart and focused recognition tablets that record the patient’s credentials.

The Smart face interfaces recognition after usage damages itself to pave way for the new technologies and findings. Patients are also able to customize their treatment experiences by changing the recommended hand-pieces to others and identifying the different products they might want to use. This enables them to choose which products are good for their skin and develop an informed decision. These treatments should however not be done by pregnant women or those with abrasions or inflammation.

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