Movie nights aren’t fun anymore: What went wrong?

movie nights

Never thought we would be saying this but movie nights just aren’t the same anymore. And we may even know the answers to that.  Maybe there isn’t much in them that would keep us hooked to our screens. Movie nights were supposed to be a combination of a lot of things; fun, getting together, cuddling together and of course the movie itself. You just can’t gather people up and watch trashy movies just for the sake of getting together.

Selecting a movie for a big movie night is a big responsibility because what you like may not be adored by others and it may be just a mood killer. But what will you do if all the movies that are coming out are a big turn-down for everyone?

There is no doubt about the fact that the movie quality has gone downhill. Just because the stats say something about the budget and the profits of the movie does not mean that the numbers equate for the story-line, direction, cinematography and all the technical aspects of a film.

There’s more to a film than just the highly-invested budget. And sadly, this statement has become underrated. People have excelled in the skills of judging a good story, and when they hear about a good movie, they want to know what the story is and who is playing their respective roles. Which is an extremely important aspect for a good movie, a good storyline.

What’s not good is the fact that movie makers have diminished the thoughts put together in creating a great storyline and have invested more in the actors, their overall costume and the marketing of the said movie. I believe that if the story is that good, it will draw users to itself without having to spend so much in sponsorships and promotional campaigns.

But that’s just not there anymore, even if it is, finding a movie with a great story and the perfect pace for it is getting extremely hard. Money, booze, graphic sex scenes and similar aspects have taken over which diminish the actual story altogether.

That is another cause for people to stop having combined movie nights altogether, even families avoid watching movies together because they are just not suitable enough for family members of all. What is the point of subscribing to all these Canadian streaming services when you can’t watch them all together with your kids or parents.

People went to all lengths to unblock HBO Max in Canada when the streaming service launched in the US , as it was a geo-restricted streaming service. And while HBO Max has all the latest releases on their platform, are they that great of a watch that people spend extra bucks to watch them? That depends on the movie itself if you ask us, but it is not everyone’s forte.

For adults, watching movies with explicit scenes may not be an issue, or it may be, depending on where you are from. But it will leave you uncomfortable if you have to skip out the scene every few minutes. Some people even have to watch the movie before they host a movie night to be aware of any scene that may leave the audience uncomfortable and to just skip it at the right time.

If that’s what it takes, then better to watch the movie on your own then to watch it twice, which literally takes out all the fun from it. Nonetheless, it’s just boring to watch a movie in bits and pieces, and the true experience is always when you watch it completely, because you tend to miss out on a lot of minor elements that the director may have hidden in those explicit scenes.

Another contributing factor in the movie world is the extreme use of CGI and effects which pulls out the realistic factor in them altogether. Disney Plus’s Live-Action Mulan was a big budgeted movie solely because of it’s high level of CGI usage. And it was noticeable to the point that debates were begun based on it, leaving viewers unamused.

And then there is the on-going pandemic as well. Which has already made life really hard ot alot of us. Movie nights shifted to a more safe and secure environment of virtual movie nights where people used watch parties to create a movie room for their friends and themselves where they can chat along with watching a movie. As fun as that sounds, it just wasn’t.

Chatting while watching a movie is a total distraction for someone like me who must keep their eyes on the screen at all times or else I’ll miss the story line altogether, causing me to rewind and watch it altogether which is another mood killer altogether. These are just the basic factors that come to mind when we talk about an uneventful or boring movie night. Bad story, unrealistic stunts, explicit scenes and then there is the pandemic, ruling above them all.

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