Live dealer online casino games are the latest trend among Canadian players


Canadian players seem to be swarming towards online casinos with live dealer games. According to the research that was done by, Canada happens to be among the top 10 online gambling countries. The relatively relaxed legalities and the pandemic makes the perfect mix for Canadian players to gamble online. A study was conducted in association with the Canadian gaming association. This Study shows gambling industry in Canada brings in $13 billion in revenues for purchased services only. 

Those staggering numbers might make one think everyone knows about online casinos. The reality, however, is a bit more different. A number of Canadians are still unaware of how this industry works. But wouldn’t it be a shame to miss all this fun? So let’s find out why online casinos with live dealer games are the hottest trend in Canada. 

1. More real than virtual

From the shuffle of the cards to the pace of the roulette, everything just feels more real. Many efforts are put in to make the environment as authentic as possible. The live dealer feature enables players to experience the process as if they were in a physical casino. The real human touch adds to a much more profound experience. Players can view everything from their screens. Everything can be watched while it’s done through human hands. And if you have a VR headset, pop one on, and you’ll never know the difference. 

2.Your very own dealer

Dealers are qualified professionals that can best conduct the games. Live casinos in Canada are being streamed from a dedicated studio location. These dealers engage you better, also behave like entertaining companions throughout the game. An added charm to the overall gameplay makes the game far more fun and entertaining than robotic randomness. Moreover, you have an actual human at your disposal and not some online fantasy.  

 3. An outcome truly random

No matter how perfect, every computer program has a pattern. In live dealer casinos, every action be it a spin or a shuffle is done by a human hand. And all of that happens right in front of the player. This makes the results of the actions of the game more authentic and truly random.

4. Live and transparent environment

An environment of trust is a no-brainer for the players. Live dealer casinos in Canada offer superior technology with better overall monitoring. Different cameras cover the whole scenery. With technology like replays and recorders, everything can be double-checked now. This eliminates any possibility of unfairness. You can view everything from on your screen through cameras. As a result of this, players can now observe the whole process with a better eye. Everything stay under the constant radar of both the dealer and players adds to an environment of transparency and trust.  

5. No more going to the casino; invite the dealer home

Experience the true feel of a physical casino from the ease of your home. Rather than going to the casino, the casino and its dealer come to you. The magnificent attention to detail and human involvement makes it better. The abundance of various deals and bonuses makes it so much more feasible. For not just players in Canada but all around the world.

6. More freebies and better deals

With all these new casinos popping up, there are a lot of deals floating around. Perhaps the best deals in the Canadian gambling market can be found online. Everyone is looking to fill up their shops. To attract the maximum number of players, better bonuses are being offered. This increased supply of amazing deals means more power to the consumers. The Canadian players now have multiple arrays of selection. With such a situation, one can simply say that this is a gambler’s heaven.

7. A table of your choice

In live dealer casino games in Canada, you can find variations of games with limits. This is done to make sure everyone blends in. If you’re just looking for fun, you can find low-limit tables. However, if you’re looking to step up the notch, you can select a special table with players looking to play big.

8. Skip the wait

You have to stand and wait until the table becomes available.No more wasting time now, whether it be the time spent on the journey or waiting in the queue. Start playing as you join now without limitations of restricted physical space.

9. Chat availability

The live chat feature allows you to get your queries answered. And it’s not just limited to problem-solving. Players can communicate and even befriend other players. This adds to expanding your network and finding exciting games with new opponents all over the world.


Online casinos have deployed various factors for the promotion and betterment of their service. The slope of the trend has been upward in recent times. Huge names hopping onto the trend make the direction being kept upward fairly certain. It’s possible the trend might even completely overtake the land casino establishments soon.

With all those facts, would one gamble against it? Well, that would certainly be foolish to do so.

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