Whole Foods in Ottawa bans employees from wearing Poppy

Whole Foods bans employees from wearing Poppy

The Amazon-owned, upscale grocery chain with 14 locations in Canada, including one in Ottawa, has banned employees from wearing a poppy. The news, which comes just a few days before millions of Canadians are set to pay their respects to veterans on Remembrance Day, has created a huge stir on social media with many people threatening to boycott the store. Some are rallying on social media to picket outside the upscale store’s Yorkville location in Toronto on Saturday.

An employee of the Whole Foods at Lansdowne says she was told by a supervisor that wearing the poppy would be seen as “supporting a cause.” That it would open up the door so that the store would have to allow or consider allowing other causes.

Meanwhile, Whole Foods has not said the reason for the poppy ban.

Today, at the Canadian War Museum, Premier Doug Ford announced that the province will be introducing legislation that prevents any employer from prohibiting the wearing of poppies. This comes as a reaction to the news that Whole Foods made a controversial uniform policy change prohibiting employees from wearing poppies while on the job.

“I think it’s disgraceful. It’s disgusting'” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford after learning that an Ottawa Whole Foods told its employees they were not allowed to wear poppies on their store uniforms.

Ottawa’s mayor also spoke out against the chain’s poppy policy, saying the decision is “One of the most ridiculous decisions made by a company in recent memory. Please reverse this idiotic decision and apologize to our veterans for your insensitivity.”

Whole Foods has said they are supporting the Royal Canadian Legion by donating more than $8,000 to the poppy campaign. It also said employees at all of its stores will observe the traditional moment of silence at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11.

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