Rideau Canal Skateway closes permanently for the season marking its second shortest skating season ever


The National Capital Commission (NCC) just announced that it “is saddened to report that the Rideau Canal Skateway will not reopen this winter, marking the end of its 51st season.”

Meanwhile, the NCC Rideau Canal Skateway took to Twitter with a lighthearted approach at the expense of the Montreal Canadiens and their now former coach Claude Julien, to announce the end of the skating season on the historic canal.

Their tweet read: “Just like @CanadiensMTL, our season was off to a great start… In true 2021 style, our Skateway season has officially come to a close with a total of 26 days – nearing our record for shortest season ever.”

As most Sens fans know, Habs coach Claude Julien along with assistant coach Kirk Muller were fired this week after the Canadiens lost back to back games to the Senators.

The NCC says the decision to permanently close the skateway following a temporary closure on February 22, 2021, was the result of “three subsequent warmer days of weather, in addition to a snowstorm and warmer temperatures in the forecast for early next week.” The NCC said continued maintenance efforts would unfortunately not return the Skateway to safe conditions.

Hopefully the short skateway seasons do not become a trend, as this 51st season that started late on January 28, 2021, was the second the shortest in its history, lasting for just 26 excellent skating days. In 2016, the skateway was only open for 34 days, with only 18 green flag days. While 2017, still stands as the shortest skating season on the world’s longest rink when it closed after just 25 days.

The NCC urges the public not to venture onto the closed Rideau Canal Skateway. Please respect the barricades and the signs installed at access points.

The good news: winter is not yet over! The NCC invites residents to enjoy its increased Winter Capital offering of more than 450 km of trails for skiing, snowshoeing, snow biking, walking, hiking and tobogganing throughout the National Capital Region.

To help ensure safe physical distancing, and disperse use throughout the recreational network, the NCC is publishing numbers at NCC sites along with tips for our most popular properties, updated weekly. We also have an interactive map on our website that can suggest more winter trails and pathways to discover.

SOURCE National Capital Commission

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