The glitz and glamour of casino fashion: True inspiration for the fashion world


Casinos take immense pride in their distinctive culture which is more often than not over the top and flamboyant culture that promises to be more style-focused than substance-oriented. People are used to dressing in a specific manner while going to play and gamble the evening away at a casino and it is this unique style that has been influencing the fashion world since time immemorial. The culture and overall lifestyle associated with casinos have been a major source of inspiration for many creative fashion designers. Today punters are reaping the benefits of pay by mobile slots but its convenience could never match the sheer pleasures and joys of going to a casino, experiencing the adrenaline rush of playing roulette and enjoying the luxurious casino ambiance!

Casino Fashion

Pinnacles of casino style & glamour

There are very few destinations that could assure you of reaching the incredibly dizzying heights of style, fashion, and glamour just like a luxurious casino does. Right from the plush interiors to the lavish and intricate décor outside, a casino would be oozing with elegance wherever you look. The immaculately dressed elites are forever crowding around the slot machines and roulette tables. The casino is the hub of the elite class: society’s rich and the famous are seen here rubbing shoulders with you.

Casinos are some of the high points of fashion and you could see the latest catwalk trends embraced by the immaculately dressed guests. Hence, if you are looking for some fashion inspiration and thinking of jazzing up your style quotient, you need to look no further. Conversely speaking, over the last few decades, fashion designers have come up with unique, innovative, and inspiring designs for the impeccably-dressed casino goers. Similarly, casinos have been a source of inspiration and have impacted the fashion industry in many ways.

Casinos are perennial inspiration for the fashion industry

The formal dress code maintained in casinos has radically influenced the fashion industry. Some of the highly-acclaimed and renowned fashion designers like Givenchy and Michael Kors have been inspired profusely by casino culture, fashion, and overall ambiance and so they have launched the mind-blowing casino-themed fashion walks. For example, a well-known Italian fashion house called Moschino had organized a fascinating Las Vegas-themed show. Moreover, we have witnessed James Bond 007 actors such as Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan generally sport immaculately designed, custom-tailored suits that are priceless creations of Brioni top Italian-based brand of suit makers. History reveals how casinos have flaunted the dynamic fashion trends very much within its premises. 

Casinos have been flocked by style icons in their own rights sophisticated and elegant outfits. Smart suits and cocktail dresses have been very much in vogue. When casinos were going through the golden age, casino-goers both men and women were thrilled to dress up in their finest clothes to have a blast and enjoy an extravagant evening. Casino enthusiasts have always turned up looking perfectly polished for complementing the lavish and truly opulent ambiance.

The unmistaken casino influence on Hollywood

An implicit imprint of Casino fashion on Hollywood is quite evident from the way the hot-favourite character James Bond 007 is dressed. The Bond stars demonstrate their passion for perfectly tailored formal suits. Both Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have sported immaculate suits from internationally renowned suit makers Tom Ford based in the United States and Brioni, famous Italian suit makers. Sean Connery had chosen something far more British in his portrayal of James Bond 007. He looked incredibly dashing in custom-tailored formal suits from Anthony Sinclair, a reputed Marylebone-based designer. The pasteurization of casino fashion in these hit Hollywood movies, in turn, motivated numerous casinos to operate with stringent dress codes. If somebody did not come properly dressed, he would not be permitted to enter the casino. Classic casinos had a distinctive appeal and they focused chiefly on black and red outfits to steal the show.

Contemporary casino fashion & modern designers

In the present times, casinos have been compelled to come up with a certain degree of relaxation, in terms of dress codes in order to stay relevant with the current fashion trends. Ball gowns and black ties have made way for some of the edgiest attires and people are too happy to make a really bold fashion statement. With time, jackets and tops and elegant dresses have replaced formal freshly-ironed shirts. People come to the casinos wearing vest tops and a pair of jeans. Staying comfortable is the top priority today. This less-is-more and overall simplistic dressing approach have its own appeal and style quotient.


The history of casino culture and glamour would surely keep inspiring many fashion designers in the years to come. Casino fashion has surely left its footprints in the dynamic world of fashion in a remarkable way.

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