Upstreet Craft Brewing launches Libra non-alcoholic beer and sponsors Ottawa Blues Festival

Upstreet Brewery releases NA craft beer in Ontario

Libra is now on tap at Craft Beer Market in Ottawa and Toronto and the first ever non-alcoholic beer sponsor for the Ottawa Blues Festival

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, May 16, 2022  Upstreet Craft Brewing, a B-Corp certified beverage company on a mission to refresh the community, is satisfying the thirst for non-alcoholic craft beer and launching its award-winning Libra Pale Ale at the LCBO, one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol. Canadians are embracing the non-alcoholic beverage movement, and many are switching between non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Today the global non-alcoholic market is expected to surpass US $43.5 billion by 2032*.

Libra launches non alcoholic beer in Ontario

“It’s 2022; wanting to be social while mindful of our wellness doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Libra delivers a refreshing, true-to-taste non-alcoholic craft beer experience that fits the lifestyle of Canadians,” says Mitch Cobb, Co-Founder and CEO of Libra, Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer. “As craft brewers, we are obsessed with creating a collection of non-alcoholic beers in different styles and flavours that meet the standard of beer lovers. We are excited to work with the LCBO to provide more craft options in this category.”

Working with Juno-award-winning Canadian folk-rocker Serena Ryder, Libra hopes to encourage Canadians to find their balance and be social on their terms. In addition to launching at the LCBO, Libra will be the first non-alcoholic beer on tap at Craft Beer Market in downtown Toronto and Ottawa. It is also the first-ever official non-alcoholic beer sponsor of the Ottawa Blues Festival on July 7-17, 2022.

“Making adult non-alcoholic drinks more accessible and available in every social situation is so important,” says Marcos Salazar, CEO of the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association.” Libra’s launch at the LCBO will help propel the non-alcoholic beverage industry forward in Canada and give consumers more choice.”

Libra Pale Ale is light and refreshing with tropical aromas and a crisp finish. It has 30 calories, 6g of carbs, and a four-pack retails for $10.95. As part of their partnership with Serena Ryder, 1% of Libra Pale Ale sales at the LCBO will support ArtHaus Serena’s music incubator, mentorship and experiential wellness community. Its mission is to create a landscape where artists, musicians, creators, music industry leaders and wellness experts can come together and support one another. Its mentorship programs help artists hone their craft and collaborate with others in the industry while also providing mental wellness tools to support their overall health.

Libra was created by Upstreet owners and craft brewers Mitch Cobb and Mike Hogan’s need to socialize without sacrificing their health. After two years of research and development and creating a unique non-alcoholic brewing process, the award-winning Libra Pale Ale launched in October 2020. It was quickly followed up by Libra Hazy IPA, Libra Pilsner and Libra Stout. Libra’s innovation in the space has been recognized by the international beer and Atlantic Canadian business communities. Libra Pale won two 2021 World Beer Awards and Mitch Cobb, Co-Founder was named Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2022 Stewart McKelvey Innovator of the Year

*Future Market Insights (FMI), Global Non-Alcoholic Beer Market, March 22, 2022

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