Sports betting: A safety guide


Sports betting – Alongside following reliable football predictions and sports updates, online bettors need to practice safety when making online transactions. To keep your money and personal safety from online predators, it’s important to take the necessary precautions and create a safe virtual environment for yourself.

With the amount of crime lurking online, online sports bettors can be easily targeted and hacked. To save yourself from these cyber crimes, here are a few online safety tips you need to follow.

Check if the betting site is legitimate

One of the very first things any online bettor should prioritize is the reliability of the sportsbooks and other online betting sites they use. With so many betting sites available, you can easily fall into a trap. The best way to ensure that a betting is safe to use is to check for the licensing or online reviews.

You can easily check whether a platform is legitimate by doing a bit of online research. Here are some ways to find reliable sites:

1.   Look for the lock icon

The quickest way to see if a betting site is safe to use is by checking if there is a lock icon next to the site’s URL. If the lock icon is locked (grey) this means that the site you’re on is under a secured encrypted connection. This means that users are able to navigate and transact safely. However, if the lock icon is unlocked (red) it might be best to leave the site.

2.   Look for proof of license

You can check if a website a specific sportsbook is legitimate by looking for proof of license on their main site. The license is usually located either on the homepage, “About us” or terms and conditions page.

3.   Look for betting sites with great reviews

A great way to find a good and reliable betting site is from peer feedback. Do a bit of research and speak to your fellow online bettors about the platforms that they use and rely on. Trying out tried and tested online betting sites is a safe way to go.

Only use reputable payment methods

Online transactions are the most dangerous part of the whole online betting experience. To pay or withdraw cash you need to share your bank card information with the site. Therefore, it’s important to only trust betting sites with certified payment methods.

If you come across an unfamiliar or suspicious looking payment page, you need to think twice. To make sure that you’re safely making online transactions, use popular and certified online payment methods (PayPal or Apple Pay).

Check if the platform your using has a reliable support team

With money at stake, it’s important to trust a platform who knows how to take care of their customers. Look for a betting platform who is able to attend to any customer transaction issues. To figure out if a site has great customer support is to look for:

  • Search for online customer reviews
  • Ask for recommendation from fellow online bettors
  • Send them a message and see how well they communicate

With a reliable support team by your side, you’ll be able to fully enjoy placing online bets, worry-free.

The best way to safely navigate through the online sports betting world is prevention. By following the above mentioned tips, you’ll be able to create a safe online space for yourself. Avoid the risks of running into any virtual crimes by sticking to this safety guide on online betting.

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