How mold outbreaks are affecting homes in Ottawa

mold outbreaks

Mold outbreaks of spores are tricky invaders to manage. It sneaks into your property, typically without being detected in the first place. It isn’t until mold spores evolve into a full-blown outbreak that homeowners sense that there is a problem to begin with. In fact, some reports suggest that over 77% of homes require mold removal in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada.

As mold growth indoors accelerate they can cause more trouble for households, from property damage to health implications. Early mold detection with professional mold inspections in Ottawa is the most effective way to minimize damage and get your home back in a health condition.

mold outbreaks
mold outbreaks

How mold affects building materials

To survive, mold requires an organic food source and unfortunately, many construction materials around the home are made of wood and drywall which spores feed off to facilitate their growth.

Wood: As water damage and mold outbreaks grow larger the more they disintegrate wooden beams, flooring, decking, and furniture. Because wood is porous, remediation is difficult without professional expertise and support.

Drywall: Like wood, mold growth in drywall is incredibly common because of the ease in which moisture can be trapped within the openings of the material. Hidden deep within the drywall, mold spores break the material down as they feed, creating an increasingly expansive outbreak.

Insulation: In your walls, ceilings, and attic, insulation serves a key function in maintaining your home air quality and balancing indoor climate. Mold which frequently starts in the attic or finds its way there eventually, can quickly compromise cellulose insulations. Attic mold quickly degrades the insulation rendering it ineffective and throwing off the climate control in the home and adversely affecting indoor air quality throughout the home. Unfortunately attic mold is out of site, requiring a local restoration company to conduct a mold inspection in Ottawa to confirm its presence.

As a result, mold overtakes these materials, compromising their structural integrity by making them less sturdy and reliable.

How does mold affect people in your home

The longer an outbreak goes without mold removal in Ottawa, the more serious its impact on those exposed. Virtually every species of mold releases toxins called mycotoxins that present in a variety of symptoms among people. These health implications can seem minor at first, being confused with allergies, but eventually as exposure continues, they can escalate into severe conditions.

Some symptoms of mold exposure include sneezing, coughing, congestion/runny nose, rashes (skin irritation, eye irritation, headaches, nausea, wheezing or trouble breathing.

If you or someone in your household has experienced some combination of these symptoms for an extended period of time, visit a doctor and schedule a mold inspection in Ottawa to determine if mold removal is required.

Preventing mold growth indoors

While professional mold removal in Ottawa is an effective way to eliminate the traces of mold from your home, the best way to prevent mold outbreaks is to address its causes. Mold spores are attracted to specific environmental factors indoors such as moisture, water damage, cellulose or organic material, heat, and darkness.

Clean Up Water Damage & Control Moisture

Leaks, burst pipes, flooding, and excess humidity around the home is one of the most common catalysts for mold outbreaks. Mold will begin to grow within just 24-48 hours of a water damage incident. Moisture can be measured using a hygrometer and reduce moisture with a dehumidifier.

Maximize Ventilation Around the Home

When air can’t flow freely in and out of your home, it gets trapped and with it, so do traveling mold spores. Stagnant air facilitates mold growth by trapping moisture and spores in one area, rather than cycling them out of the home. Ensuring that attic ventilation, bathroom and kitchen vents are functioning properly and adequately installed can help keep mold spores out to begin with.

Responding to outbreaks with mold inspections & removal Ottawa

To spare the health of your property and the people in it from the effects of mold, get a mold inspection in Ottawa immediately upon noticing the signs of mold such as an earthy odour, visible dark patterns on surfaces, or water damage. The sooner you get mold removal and water damage restoration in Ottawa from a  trained and certified restoration company, the better your chances of preserving your indoor air quality and building materials.

Choosing the right mold removal company in Ottawa

To be effective and prevent recurring infestations, Ottawa’s mold removal should be handled according to industry best practices. The most reputable restoration companies work alongside digital marketing agencies to promote their services and improve access to cost-effective and result-oriented remediation services. In your hunt for the best local mold removal company, check reviews on Google profiles and websites for certifications like the IICRC. When you find the right restoration company, you can say goodbye to mold for good.

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