5 Big things you should know before getting Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

It’s impossible to hide an imperfect nose unless you stay indoors 24/7, so it’s easy to see why rhinoplasty surgery is so popular. I’m sure you’re counting the days until you go under the knife, but don’t get too excited yet.

You must carry out extensive research before getting cosmetic surgery. It’s a big deal, so don’t rush into anything. Let’s look at some big things everyone must know before getting a nose job.

Rhinoplasty surgery

1. You can’t choose any nose

Don’t spend months looking for a new nose on the internet because rhinoplasty isn’t like walking into Walmart and picking something off the shelf. You will need to speak to a surgeon before looking at anything.

Surgeons will tell you what kinds of noses will look good on your face. Even if you find one that suits your face, it might be impossible to create an exact duplicate. Luckily, you’ll definitely get a nose you love.

2. Take time off work to heal

You can’t work for around 7-10 days after surgery, and you’ll look like Freddy Krueger. I don’t think your boss will want you talking to customers. You must relax on the couch to give your body the rest it needs.

Will you be able to take a week or two off work? Maybe you won’t be able to vacation abroad or visit your parents if you get a nose job. You must decide if you can take time off before trying to book anything.

Rhinoplasty surgery
Rhinoplasty surgery

3. It’s not ideal for everyone

According to K.Zakhary, face lift surgeon in Calgary, rhinoplasty isn’t ideal for everyone. You’ll need to satisfy certain criteria before it makes sense. If you’re not in good health, it’s tough for your body to heal properly.

You must be willing to stop smoking before and after your operation, at least until you’ve healed. Smoking constricts blood vessels in your nose and increases the chance of infection, so it’s something you must avoid.

4. Getting a second operation

You’ll see websites talking about revisions when discussing rhinoplasty options, but why would you need a second nose job? Maybe you won’t be able to breathe effortlessly after the first one, so you’ll need to get it fixed.

You might be unhappy with the result if it doesn’t look the same as you were promised, and you’ll feel as bad as you do now if you ignore it. There is a slight chance you’ll need to go under the knife a second time.

5. Choosing the right surgeon

It’s nice to find a surgeon that helps you feel comfortable when they speak, but you also need one who is fantastic at sculpting noses. Ask to see before + after photos of patients, so you know what to expect.

It’s easy to find reviews online these days, so try to find as many as possible. You’ll also need to inquire about prices before choosing a surgeon. The average price of rhinoplasty in Canada is around $5,000.

It Will Change Your Life For The Better

Even though rhinoplasty is a serious operation, it’s worth the risk if you hate your nose. It will improve your life for the better in multiple ways.

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