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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t travel to our favourite vacation destinations across the country or across the world. However, when it comes to cooking and fine foods, it can give us a culinary passport to the flavours of the world within the comfort of our own homes. Throughout the month of August, Maille, the world renowned French Dijon mustard brand that has graced kitchens since 1747, invited Canadians to set out on a tasty adventure with a collection of international recipes prepared by some of Canada’s best chefs with their “Travel the World with Maille” promotion.

Chef Sebastien Harrison-Cloutier (Grumman78)

During every Wednesday throughout the month, virtual cook-alongs were held with three of Canada’s top chefs — Antonio Park of Montreal, Lynn Crawford of Toronto and Vikram Vij of Vancouver — where they shared their favourite recipes with viewers. The common thread of their recipes is that they used one of the Maille Mustard products as one of their ingredients. Viewers were then encouraged to vote for their favourite of the three recipes on, in which a lucky viewer won the opportunity to do a private cook-along with the chef they voted for, which took place on August 26. 

As well, the “Travel the World with Maille” promotion also gave foodies the chance to experience 15 international-style dishes (using Maille Mustard as part of their recipes) created by 15 more of Canada’s best chefs. One of those participating chefs was Sebastien Harrison-Cloutier, of Montreal’s Grumman ’78 restaurant. The recipe he created specifically for the promotion was whelks (sea snails) in a Maille vinaigrette, accompanied by a piece of fresh bread.

“The Mustard gives that kick that sometimes just balances the recipe,” said Mr. Harrison-Cloutier during a recent interview. “With the whelks for instance, they bring the saltiness while the mustard brings the needed acidity to the dish. It’s a perfect complement.”

Mr. Harrison-Cloutier enjoyed being part of the “Travel the World with Maille” promotion, especially being part of a talented culinary crew who represented all of Canada, as well as their respective culinary backgrounds, experiences, preferences and techniques. “I believe I bring an element of warmth to the promotion,” he said. “While my dishes are indeed influenced by Mexican, New York and other cuisines from around the world, the food is ultimately highly inspired by and representative of Montreal’s uniquely spirited culture and vibrant local agriculture.”

As well, Mr. Harrison-Cloutier’s other claim to fame is that the restaurant he works at made an early contribution to the popularity of food trucks in Montreal. “Grumman ’78 was the first food truck in Montreal,” he said. “It paved the way and I’m proud to be associated with visionaries as we continue to raise the bar here in the restaurant.”
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