Our favourite GTA V Easter eggs

Favourite GTA-V Easter eggs

GTA V has been around for about eight years now, and people still love it. The game is full of Easter Eggs and less known trivia and treats. There is always something new to discover, and the game allows a lot of room for exploration. In this article, we will be presenting some of the craziest and most exciting secrets and Easter Eggs.

There is a Ghost in the Game

A bit creepy, but that’s what makes it a great addition. On Mount Gordo, a ghost Jolene Cranley-Evans got murdered by her husband, Jock Cranley, looking as you would expect a female horror ghost to look like – white dress, black hair, and kind of dead looking. If you visit the spot at certain times of the day, you can also see the name “Jock” (the husband who pushed her off a cliff) carved on the surface.

A different Kind of Poker

For many years the casino in online GTA V was closed. Despite the “opening soon” sign, it seemed the developers had no interest in making it a game feature. But then, in July 2019, the Diamond Casino & Resort opened its doors, and players all around the world were thrilled.

While offering many games such as Blackjack, roulette, and slot machines, one should know that the poker in GTA V is not your standard Texas Hold’Em poker that most people associate with the word. Instead, it is Three Card Poker, a type of poker where you don’t play against other players but the house. But with their live casino lobby in mind, the players didn’t hold it against Rockstar games anyway. Instead, they wanted a casino in-game, and they got one.

Aliens and UFOs everywhere

Maybe you didn’t know this, but in GTA V, you can see UFOs. However, they only appear during Thunderstorms and in specific locations. So far, the confirmed ones are: Fort Zancudo, above Mount Chiliad, Sandy Shores, and crashed underneath the murky waters of Los Santos.

But that’s not all. An alien appears during the very first mission of GTA V. It happens during the Prologue, and it is the only chance players have to discover this secret. If you choose to drive underneath the bridge while running from the police during the Ludendorff sequence, you will find a carcass of a frozen alien under the ice. As far as their design goes, they seemed to get styled like Xenomorph from the Alien movies. Pretty excellent addition to the game.

While these are just some of the interesting Easter Eggs in GTA V, there are many more as the game features a world full of add-ons and extra elements that are not essential to the gameplay or the main story arc. Just think of Infinity Killer, a serial killer that dies in prison. While not crucial to the plot or game in any way, the developers still decided to put his psychotic graffiti on several locations in-game. And those little Easter Eggs that constantly keep on coming are why GTA V is such a treat for players worldwide.

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