How much would a toilet installation cost?


How Much Would a Toilet Installation Cost? If you have wanted to make a new toilet since ten years ago and wish to upgrade to an entirely new toilet but do not know how much the toilet replacement cost is, then this guide is for you. Maybe you want to do the toilet installation yourself, but you do not have the time to do so, or you don’t have the right equipment. However, by searching for help, you have been doing a good job so far.

After reading about things that will influence the cost of the toilet installation for a brand new toilet, start getting some price quotes from plumbing service providers.

Determining the Cost of a Toilet Installation

The highest cost that you incur is most probably the toilet installation. There are various brands and different models that you can pick from.

If you are searching for things that can fit into a small area that is available and complement how the bathroom looks, then you should do your research immediately.

However, going for a toilet that saves water will cost you a lot more than one without this option. It might cost more money when you handle the upfront payment, but if you get to save money in the long run, which also means you are taking care of your toilet and using it properly, then there should be no issue. If your household is complete, then saving water makes sense.

Another thing that you might want to bear in mind is the bowl size. If prominent people are utilizing the toilet, don’t get something that does not fit.

Double-check the type of toilet seat that the toilet comes with. Someone close to you might buy a nice toilet but realize something strange about the seat bolts. The bolt might self-fasten and break. Your friend might spend a lot of time hunting for a bolt replacement. 

After that, that friend of yours might not be able to get replacement parts either. In the end, the business tells your friend to get a brand-new seat—a complete waste of money.

Current Plumbing System

The same friend who had technical difficulties wanted to replace an old toilet when he bought the house. After replacing the old toilet, he found out the pipe was sticking too far from the toilet, and the new toilet could not get installed nicely, leaning on the wall.

The other issue is that the pipe used was so old and stuck that the person needed special tools to get it loose. Thus, the cutting, measurements, and tool reattachments also needed help. Moreover, tiny facts cost the person about two long hours and a headache.

If you have other problems with your current plumbing system, try to add two more hours of labor changes.

Removal of Toilet

Are you able to get rid of the current toilet? If you can do this, it might save you more money in the future. It is another thing that our plumbing experts will not charge you for.

For instance, you might want to consider where the toilet location is. Is the toilet located upstairs, and the plumbing expert must carry it down some steep stairs. It might be a pain in the butt for most people, including plumbing experts, so consider these things.

The other thing to do is what you wish to do with an old toilet.

Different rebate systems can save you a lot of money each year. Other criteria that people have to adhere to so that the order is approved doesn’t mean you will get it.

What Is a Toilet Installation and What Does It Comprise Of?

Here are a few things you can get from your plumbing expert for your toilet installation.

  • Turning off the water.
  • Drain water that is remaining.
  • Disconnecting the old toilet.
  • Get a wax ring seal.
  • Inspect the toilet flange for wear and tear.
  • Creating and installing a new toilet.
  • Testing if there are no leakages.

What Issues Might Pop up That Cost You Additional Cash

Here we have a few things that are not on the list that you should know:

  • Accident leakage
  • The broken flange creates wobbly toilets.
  • Wax ring seal replacement undone 
  • Bad caulking creates leakages.
  • Failure in valve replacement.

Cost of Installing a New Toilet

After you read this, you might know the actual costs of what it takes to reinstall a new toilet. The price ranges from CAD 250 to CAD 400.

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