5 stylish ways to shake up your look in a weekend

shake up your look

I bet you’ve spent far too much time at home recently. If you’re ready to start having fun in public again, you should do something special, like shaking up your look. Who doesn’t enjoy changing their appearance?

Cosmetic procedures produce excellent results, but it usually takes a while until you’re healed. If you want to know what’s possible within a weekend, we’ll look at some amazing options available to you right now.

1. Helix Piercing In Your Ear

Around 80-90% of North American women have their ears pierced, so earrings don’t really stand out. A helix piercing is different because earrings sit in the upper ear cartilage, and people will definitely notice them.

You don’t need to settle for one piercing; it’s okay getting multiple piercings in the same place. It can also be a combination of hoops and studs. Once your ear is healed, you can swap earrings out regularly.

2. Tattoo On Your Hand Or Neck

It seems like more people are getting tattoos on their necks and hands these days. You probably won’t be punished unless you work in certain professions, but it’s worth checking before you visit the best tattoo shops in Toronto.

Small neck tattoos can be hidden behind ears, and tattoos on the sides of fingers are pretty inconspicuous. You don’t need to have a design people will see from across the street; subtle is usually more stylish.

shake up your look

3. Haircut That Gets Attention

Does everyone associate you with a certain haircut? If you’ve had the same one for years you must be bored. Book an appointment with a senior stylist, and let them choose a haircut for you based on their experience.

It will probably feel like you’ve let a magician loose on your hair. Senior stylists at fancy hair salons can do things other hairdressers can’t. Maybe you can ask about dying your hair a different color too.

4. Buy A Nice Pair Of Glasses

You probably wear contact lenses if you don’t like wearing cheap glasses. Don’t feel like you need to wear them every day. You’ll enjoy wearing glasses if you invest in an expensive pair because they look a hundred times better.

Glasses should fit your face shape, so don’t just choose anything. Ask a professional to help you pick a pair after they’ve studied you carefully. Colorful frames will also help set yourself apart from everyone else.

5. Brighten Your Lovely Smile

A cheap teeth whitening procedure will leave you looking a few shades brighter. If you want something more permanent, veneers are a popular choice. Dental implants are probably too expensive for most people.

When talking to someone for the first time, you’ll always notice shiny white teeth. Unfortunately, the opposite is true too. If you feel self-conscious when you smile, it’s worth booking an appointment at the dentist.

Everyone Will Be Shocked

You can try everything we’ve talked about today because it won’t break the bank. People you’ve not seen for a while will be shocked when they see you.

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