Creative ways to get your photos off your smart phone

get your photos off your smart phone

Did you know that today only an average of one in every 100,000 photos are printed? With most of us taking all our shots on smartphones or digital cameras, we have more images, but fewer tangible records of our best memories.

Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy your life’s precious moments and make sure that they’re not just another file in the cloud. Here are some key ways to enjoy your photographs to the fullest: 

1. Don’t just print the highlights: Every moment is print-worthy, from the candid to the curated. Print off and display photos that make you happy, even if they weren’t taken in a studio.

2. Manage digital photos: Create a yearly album in your cell phone and print a photo book for each year. Instead of printing individual photos and putting them in albums yourself, you can upload them all to a photo book throughout the year. Pro tip: add your favourite photos to a folder on your phone as you take them to save time when sorting later.

3. Surround yourself with photos: Hang up, frame and show off your favourite moments with pride. Surrounding yourself with your favourite memories is a great way to decorate your home and brighten your day.

4. Gift photos: Use your favourite pictures with friends and family to create unique gifts such as blankets, puzzles, books and canvas art pieces.

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