Do You Need Special Hosting for WooCommerce?        


WooCommerce is self-hosted, so users buy a WordPress hosting plan and have the WooCommerce plugin installed. Most recent WordPress hosting companies will have the corresponding plan if you want to use WooCommerce for your ecommerce platform.

You need to choose a company that specializes in WooCommerce hosting if you want the best security and performance for this platform.

Here’s what to look for when you compare WooCommerce hosting providers.


Make a list of what your platform will require to choose the right hosting plan. Consider how many visitors a day you expect (the volume of traffic) and how much storage space you will need, especially if you plan to upload many large images or videos.

A content delivery network (CDN)

A CDN is a solid platform acceleration feature that hosts JavaScript, CSS, and other static files and images on a third-party server. The server that’s nearest to the respective visitor will display your website, so if you expect visitors from many different regions, a CDN will be especially helpful.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed hosting is recommended if you want your provider to deal with the technical aspects of operating the platform. These include backups, speed, updates, and security.

An SSL certificate

On the note of security, an SSL certificate is a critical security element for any website, but especially an ecommerce site. It protects your customers’ personal data and shows search engines that visitors can trust your site.

Caching system

If you enable caching, your site will load faster when visitors go back to it. If not, the visitor’s browser will have to load everything again each time they return.

Additional software

Companies that focus on WordPress hosting make a selection of premium themes available. They also offer discounts on plugins that can save you money if they are relevant to your platform.

Generally, you should go for a hosting plan that meets as many of your requirements as possible. A small, affordable package is fine if you’re just starting out. In other cases, extras like a CDN and features like SSL could outweigh the benefits of the discount plan.

Security and uptime

Occasionally, your server might be down for a brief period due to maintenance or other issues. Uptime refers to the period in which your WooCommerce web hosting company is available to run your site. The standard is above 99%.

Your hosting provider’s role in your website’s security is essential. Apart from SSL certificates, consider software security, malware scanning, and a firewall.

Software security

WordPress mandates updated versions of MySQL, PHP, and other software. Make sure your host has the latest versions. If not, you risk compatibility problems and a security breach.

Scan for malware

You can have malware scanning on your site, but you need it on your server, too. It should be part of your plan.

A firewall

Finally, hosting companies use firewalls to shield your data and website files. It is an undetectable barrier between cybercriminals and your server.


If you expect your platform to grow, and it does, your current hosting plan might no longer be sufficient. Choose a host that offers multiple packages that you can switch between easily. A good provider will make it possible to upgrade whenever you need to, like if there is a sudden surge in traffic to your site.

The best providers offer cloud-based hosting. It is a suitable solution for stores that see an occasional surge because it adapts to visitor needs. As your store’s needs grow, cloud hosting capabilities will grow with them. You can be sure your site won’t go down, including when you announce the big promotion or discount and current and future customers flock to it.

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