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It goes without saying that Ottawa health and fitness blogger Julian Lankstead at is also somewhat of gym rat. Today, he visits Anytime Fitness in Hunt Club and shares his thoughts on their equipment and services.


Anytime Fitness Hunt Club (AFHC) is one of the best Anytime Fitness locations in the province. It has an impressive amount of cardio equipment such as spinning and stationary bikes, elliptical machines, a stair master and a concept 2 rower. Two cardio pieces that are unique here are the Jacobs Ladder and Lateral X Trainer. All equipment is well-kept, very clean and in good condition. You can train effectively and make serious gains with the AFHC facilities and services. 

Strength Equipment

Aside from cardio equipment, this gym has a plethora of strength equipment including 3 racks, 2 leg press machines, a smith machine, a large selection of dumbbells, strength machines, cable crossover, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags and more. 

Some of the nice-to-have machines available at AFHC are the chest supported rower and the incredibly large selection of functional equipment. This gym has all the expected features you would hope to see in a training facility. The Hunt Club location has essential mirrors in the studio, and in the dumbbell and rack area. The flooring varies from rubber in the dumbbell and rack area to carpet and turf in the strength machine area and sled push area respectively.  The studio also has “hardwood” flooring.


The studio is very large and used for small group training such as spinning classes and Zumba. When classes are not taking place you can use the studio for cardio, battle ropes, stretching, etc. For classes there are several lighter dumbbells available in the studio so the ones from the free weight section of the gym are still available while classes are taking place. The studio area of the gym also has mats for stretching and yoga.

Additions to consider here

There is not too much to complain about AFHC. A few nice pieces of equipment to add however could include a lateral raise machine and a standing calf machine. These could replace machines such as the lateral x trainer and the lying leg curl since there already is a seated leg curl. The lying leg curl only recruits ¾ of the hamstring muscles compared to the seated curl which uses all of them, and so it makes sense to replace the less effective machine. Cheaper equipment which could add value to the gym would also be more light and moderate resistance bands. There seems to only be one light tension band (red) and the next resistance is significantly more. Again, AFHC has great equipment and everything you need, these would just be “nice to have” additions. 


For those interested in going to classes and getting personal training, AFHC has got you covered. They offer online and face-to-face personal training from a selection of experienced trainers. Nutrition coaching is also available to help you achieve your goals. AFHC offers in person and virtual classes such as zumba, yoga, spinning, and more. 

There are three extremely spacious bathrooms with showers and a single changing room for before and after your workout. AFHC merch can be purchased as well as the basic supplements needed for maximal recovery and strength building. 

Anytime Fitness Hunt Club Contact Information

If you are interested in Anytime Fitness Hunt Club check them out on their website and facebook, or follow them on instagram @anytimefitnesshuntclub. As always, tag @strengthjournalofficial and use #strengthjournalofficial.

Story and photos by Julian Lankstead @strengthjournalofficial

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