Beautiful Indigenous art is cropping up at Ottawa’s Stage 2 LRT work sites

Indigenous art spotted at Ottawa LRT construction sites

OTTAWA, June 13, 2022 – Eye-catching images of artwork from nine Indigenous artists have been installed on Stage 2 LRT construction hoarding to beautify the construction area and increase the visibility of Indigenous art and artists.

Where is the Indigenous artwork installed around the City?

  • Byron Avenue
  • Dow’s Lake Station
  • Carleton Station
  • Algonquin College (at Transitway)
  • Scott Street
  • Kichi Sibi Station
  • Bayview Station
  • Lincoln Fields (by the community garden)

All of the artwork located at eight LRT station construction sites is visible in public spaces, and much of it is along multi-use pathways, which residents are encouraged to explore and discover the art.

Indigenous art display at Dow’s Lake Station

In the spirit of the City of Ottawa’s Reconciliation Action Plan, the participating Indigenous artists submitted culturally relevant images on the theme Land is Medicine.

Land is central to First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures. In Indigenous healing traditions, the land itself can heal. Within the diversity of Indigenous cultures, the representation of land, animals, fish, and plants are common themes and grounded in culture and traditions.

Indigenous art display at Carleton Station. photo by City of Ottawa

You can learn more about these artists and their work on

lead photo Indigenous art at Lincoln Fields Station, by The Woodpark Common Ground Community Garden, City of Ottawa

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