What you need to know about fireworks in Ottawa on Canada Day

What you need to know about Ottawa fireworks during Canada Day

For Ottawans planning to light their own firework displays on Canada Day, the City of Ottawa has provided a comprehensive guide before residents purchase and light the fuse. Here are the City’s safety tips for preventing any injuries and property damage, along with the City of Ottawa’s fireworks bylaw rules.

Over the four days during this year’s Victoria Day weekend the City says they received a series of public complaints and emergency calls about fireworks, including two children receiving burns, discharging fireworks in parks and debris left behind, seven firework-related grass fires and displays posing danger to residents and property.

So, before the fuse is lit, here are some things to know about fireworks in Ottawa.

Purchasing fireworks

The sale of consumer fireworks is prohibited in Ottawa, except on Canada Day and the seven business days leading up to it.

Location and age requirement for discharging fireworks

Fireworks displays must be directly supervised by an adult, 18 years and older, and must take place on private property – with permission from the property owner.

No discharging fireworks on City parks and sports fields

Discharging fireworks is not allowed on City property – which includes all parks, sports fields and beaches. To support this rule, Mooney’s Bay and two parks in the Gloucester-South Nepean Ward, W.C. Levesque Park, and Stonecrest Park, will have an early 9 pm closing on Canada Day.

School properties and sports fields are out of bounds too

The four local school boards – Ottawa Catholic School Board, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Le Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est and Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario – do not allow discharging fireworks on all school premises, including all track and sports field areas.

Check out the full details about the City’s Fireworks By-law on ottawa.ca.

The City says if you discharge fireworks on private property, remember to practice public health measures and follow current provincial outdoor gathering restrictions. With members outside your household, keep two metres apart and wear a mask if keeping that distance is difficult.

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