Islanders’ Johnny Boychuk scary moment against the Habs


Tuesday night New York Islanders star defenseman Johnny Boychuk of the New York Islanders experienced a terrifying moment during a game against the Montreal Canadians as Artturi Lehkonen’s skate came up and slashed his eye. At first the situation seemed very grim and the fear was that his eye had been cut, but luckily it was protected by his eyelid.

Below is the video of the incident buy be warned it is somewhat gruesome and isn’t for everyone. This can always be a risk when only wearing a visor as opposed to a full face shield, so beer league hockey players please take note.

Johnny Boychuk scary moment – Video by SportsNet.

Hockey fans around the world wish Johnny Boychuk a speedy and full recovery. The good news according to Isles GM Lou Lamoriello is that he is okay after receiving 90 stitches from a plastic surgeon. His eye must remain shut and there is not timetable for his return.

By: Terry Lankstead –

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