Ottawa’s transport committee approves design for Barrhaven LRT


OTTAWA — Light-rail transit could extend from Baseline Station to Barrhaven as part of Stage 3 if funding from upper levels of government becomes available. The City’s Transportation Committee today approved recommendations from the environmental assessment for Barrhaven LRT and rail-grade separations.

The LRT would be extended by 10 kilometres and seven stations. Double tracks would be elevated between Baseline Station and the Nepean Sportsplex, transitioning back to grade and following the existing southwest Transitway alignment to Barrhaven Town Centre, where a new park-and-ride facility would be built.

Barrhaven LRT presentation slide by City of Ottawa

Within the design there are three bridges to separate VIA Rail tracks from Woodroffe Avenue, the southwest Transitway and Fallowfield Road, along with interim measures to make transit more efficient and reliable along Woodroffe Avenue.

Barrhaven LRT plan includes three bridges to separate VIA Rail tracks from Woodroffe Avenue, the southwest Transitway and Fallowfield Road. illustration by the City of Ottawa

The City says the estimated $3-billion project could be implemented in two phases. The first would cost $2 billion, extending LRT between Baseline Station and Fallowfield Station and building three bridges over the VIA Rail line. The second would cost $1 billion, extending the LRT to Barrhaven Town Centre.

Sone existing properties will be impacted

As the recommended alignment of the LRT extension would affect 120 of 205 existing private rental units, along with three commercial properties, the Committee approved a motion to create a working group to examine options on how to assist the residents who are facing future relocation.

The working group, which would include multiple City departments, Ottawa Community Housing representatives from the affected communities, the Ward Councillor and the Council Liaison for Housing and Homelessness, would make recommendations to the Finance and Economic Development Committee by the end of the year.

Recommendations from today’s Transportation Committee meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, November 25.

lead image LRT station at Nepean Sportsplex, illustration by City of Ottawa

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